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Mariano, M.; Mashtalir, O.; Antonio, F.; Ryu, W. - H.; Deng, B.; Xia, F.; Gogotsi, Y.; Taylor, A. 3. Solution-Processed Titanium Carbide Mxene Films Examined As Highly Transparent Conductors. Nanoscale 2016.
Doubek, G.; Sekol, R. C.; Li, J.; Ryu, W. - H.; Gittleson, F. S.; Nejati, S.; Moy, E.; Reid, C.; Carmo, M.; Linardi, M.; et al. B2. Electrocatalysts: Guided Evolution Of Bulk Metallic Glass Nanostructures: A Platform For Designing 3D Electrocatalytic Surfaces (Adv. Mater. 10/2016). Advanced Materials 2016, 28, 1902 - 1902.
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Carmo, M.; Doubek, G.; Sekol, R. C.; Linardi, M.; Taylor, A. D. Development And Electrochemical Studies Of Membrane Electrode Assemblies For Polymer Electrolyte Alkaline Fuel Cells Using Faa Membrane And Ionomer. Journal of Power SourcesJournal of Power Sources 2013, 230, 169-175.
Taylor, A.; Sekol, R.; Kizuka, J.; Dcunha, S.; Comisar, C. Fuel Cell Performance And Characterization Of 1-D Carbon-Supported Platinum Nanocomposites Synthesized In Supercritical Fluids. Journal of CatalysisJournal of Catalysis 2008, 259, 5-16.
Taylor, A. D.; DiLeo, G. J.; Sun, K. Hydrogen Production And Performance Of Nickel Based Catalysts Synthesized Using Supercritical Fluids For The Gasification Of Biomass. Applied Catalysis B: EnvironmentalApplied Catalysis B: Environmental 2009, 93, 126-133.
Sekol, R. C.; Carmo, M.; Kumar, G.; Gittleson, F.; Doubek, G.; Sun, K.; Schroers, J.; Taylor, A. D. Pd–Ni–Cu–P Metallic Glass Nanowires For Methanol And Ethanol Oxidation In Alkaline Media. International Journal of Hydrogen EnergyInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2013, 38, 11248-11255.
Sekol, R. C.; Li, X.; Cohen, P.; Doubek, G.; Carmo, M.; Taylor, A. D. Silver Palladium Core–Shell Electrocatalyst Supported On Mwnts For Orr In Alkaline Media. Applied Catalysis B: EnvironmentalApplied Catalysis B: Environmental 2013, 138-139, 285-293.