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Gittleson, F. S.; Hwang, D.; Ryu, W. - H.; Hashmi, S. M.; Hwang, J.; Goh, T.; Taylor, A. D. Ultrathin Nanotube/nanowire Electrodes By Spin–Spray Layer-By-Layer Assembly: A Concept For Transparent Energy Storage. ACS Nano 2015, 9, 10005 - 10017.
Gittleson, F. S.; Yao, K. P. C.; Kwabi, D. G.; Sayed, S. Youssef; Ryu, W. - H.; Shao-Horn, Y.; Taylor, A. D. Raman Spectroscopy In Lithium-Oxygen Battery Systems. ChemElectroChem 2015, 2, 1446 - 1457.
Doubek, G.; Sekol, R. C.; Li, J.; Ryu, W. - H.; Gittleson, F. S.; Nejati, S.; Moy, E.; Reid, C.; Carmo, M.; Linardi, M.; et al. B2. Electrocatalysts: Guided Evolution Of Bulk Metallic Glass Nanostructures: A Platform For Designing 3D Electrocatalytic Surfaces (Adv. Mater. 10/2016). Advanced Materials 2016, 28, 1902 - 1902.
Ryu, W. - H.; Wilson, H.; Sohn, S.; Li, J.; Tong, X.; Shaulsky, E.; Schroers, J.; Elimelech, M.; Taylor, A. D. B1. Heterogeneous Ws X /wo 3 Thorn-Bush Nanofiber Electrodes For Sodium-Ion Batteries. ACS Nano 2016.
Kim, S. - R.; Getachew, B. A.; Park, S. - J.; Kwon, O. - S.; Ryu, W. - H.; Taylor, éD.; Bae, J.; Kim, J. - H. 9. Toward Microcapsule-Embedded Self-Healing Membranes. Environmental Science & Technology Letters 2016.
Gittleson, F. S.; Ryu, W. - H.; Schwab, M.; Tong, X.; Taylor, A. D. 8. Pt And Pd Catalyzed Oxidation Of Li 2 O 2 And Dmso During Li–O 2 Battery Charging. Chem. Commun. 2016, 52, 6605 - 6608.
Lee, J.; Boo, C.; Ryu, W. - H.; Taylor, A. D.; Elimelech, M. 7. Development Of Omniphobic Desalination Membranes Using A Charged Electrospun Nanofiber Scaffold. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016, 8, 11154 - 11161.
Ryu, W. - H.; Gittleson, F. S.; Li, J.; Tong, X.; Taylor, éD. 4. A New Design Strategy For Observing Lithium Oxide Growth-Evolution Interactions Using Geometric Catalyst Positioning. Nano Letters 2016.
Mariano, M.; Mashtalir, O.; Antonio, F.; Ryu, W. - H.; Deng, B.; Xia, F.; Gogotsi, Y.; Taylor, A. 3. Solution-Processed Titanium Carbide Mxene Films Examined As Highly Transparent Conductors. Nanoscale 2016.
Ryu, W. - H.; Gittleson, F. S.; Thomsen, J. M.; Li, J.; Schwab, M. J.; Brudvig, G. W.; Taylor, A. D. 1. Heme Biomolecule As Redox Mediator And Oxygen Shuttle For Efficient Charging Of Lithium-Oxygen Batteries. Nature Communications 2016, 7, 12925.