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Zheng, Y.; Huang, J.; Wang, G.; Kong, J.; Huang, D.; Beromi, M. Mohadjer; Hazari, N.; Taylor, A. D.; Yu, J. 1. A Highly Efficient Polymer Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cell Enhanced By Introducing A Small Molecule As A Crystallizing-Agent. Materials Today 2018, 21, 79 - 87.
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Wang, H.; Xing, S.; Zheng, Y.; Kong, J.; Yu, J.; Taylor, A. D. 2. Three-Phase Morphology Evolution In Sequentially Solution-Processed Polymer Photodetector: Toward Low Dark Current And High Photodetectivity. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2018, 10, 3856 - 3864.
Zheng, Y.; Wang, G.; Huang, D.; Kong, J.; Goh, T.; Huang, W.; Yu, J.; Taylor, A. D. 3. Binary Solvent Additives Treatment Boosts The Efficiency Of Ptb7:pcbm Polymer Solar Cells To Over 9.5%. Solar RRL 2018, 2, 1700144.
Kong, J.; Beromi, M. Mohadjer; Mariano, M.; Goh, T.; Antonio, F.; Hazari, N.; Taylor, A. D. 3. Colorful Polymer Solar Cells Employing An Energy Transfer Dye Molecule. Nano Energy 2017, 38, 36 - 42.
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Zheng, Y.; Kong, J.; Huang, D.; Shi, W.; McMillon-Brown, L.; Katz, H. E.; Yu, J.; Taylor, A. D. 4. Spray Coating Of The Pcbm Electron Transport Layer Significantly Improves The Efficiency Of P-I-N Planar Perovskite Solar Cells. Nanoscale 2018.
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Goh, T.; Huang, J. - S.; Yager, K. G.; Sfeir, M. Y.; Nam, C. - Y.; Tong, X.; Guard, L. M.; Melvin, P. R.; Antonio, F.; Bartolome, B. G.; et al. 5. Quaternary Organic Solar Cells Enhanced By Cocrystalline Squaraines With Power Conversion Efficiencies >10%. Advanced Energy Materials 2016, 1600660.
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Zheng, Y.; Goh, T.; Fan, P.; Shi, W.; Yu, J.; Taylor, A. D. 6. Toward Efficient Thick Active Ptb7 Photovoltaic Layers Using Diphenyl Ether As A Solvent Additive. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016, 8, 15724 - 15731.
Li, X.; Mariano, M.; McMillon-Brown, L.; Huang, J. - S.; Sfeir, M. Y.; Reed, M. A.; Jung, Y.; Taylor, A. D. 7. Charge Transfer From Carbon Nanotubes To Silicon In Flexible Carbon Nanotube/silicon Solar Cells. Small 2017, 13, 1702387.
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